Marianne Kuiper, owner and founder of Efficient Hotel Partner, together with her enthusiastic team of venue specialist, has been finding and booking hotel rooms and meeting rooms for the past 18 years. We offer tailor-made proposals, save time and money, offer expert advice and above all, our services are completely free of charge. 

Marianne, where does the enthusiasm come from?
‘As a child, I was already crazy about everything hotel related. I was very fortunate to work alongside the best of the best in hospitality, including Joop Braakhekke en Loek Beeren. They taught me absolutely everything revolves around exceeding expectations and excelling in service. Every little detail is important. Joop turned every moment into a celebration and when working with Loek your shift wasn’t finished until all the work was done (which it never was). It is a certain culture that you either fit in with or you don’t, but I loved being part of a team of enthusiastic colleagues. Quickly, my dream of owning my own business, where I could apply the same passion and take advantage of all the knowledge I gained, was born.’

Fun but important facts
‘Supply and demand. We are all familiar with the consequences when one changes relative to the other. With technology came the ever-growing online offer of venues. And it is overwhelming. You can easily spend hours browsing when you only need a hotel for one night. I love putting all my knowledge and knowhow to good work so I can put a fantastic offer on the table for my client that seamlessly matches their wishes. I know how to spot the best deal and we make sure you can compare apples with apples. My team and I are ready to help you!’