Need a hotel room or are you searching for a suitable venue for a meeting, training or conference? Operating as an independent consultancy and reservation agency, Efficient Hotel Partner will search for the hotel room or meeting accommodation you require. Nationally or internationally and free of charge! Rest assured, you will always get the best prices and most flexible conditions. All proposals are tailor-made based on your specific requirements.

Save yourself the hassle, sit back and relax, our end-to-end service in ten steps:

  1. Contact Efficient Hotel Partner to make your enquiry. You can reach us by phone, email or through an online request*.
  2. We identify your needs and requirements thoroughly (location, area, facilities etc.)
  3. We contact suitable hotels or venues and we place options depending availability.
  4. We send you a quotation of available options within 24/48 hours.
  5. If required, we can arrange site inspections and if the offered venues are not quite what you were looking for we continue our search until we have found you the perfect venue.
  6. Once confirmed we keep in touch to discuss all the details. If preferred, we can also arrange for the venue to contact you for this.
  7. All details are communicated and confirmed with the venue.
  8. Afterwards, we touch base to check how everything went and we pass on your feedback to the venue.
  9. We will receive the invoice from the venue, check everything and clarify the costs.
  10. You pay us and we pay the venue, which is especially convenient if you have several bookings per month. Paying multiple invoices versus just paying one invoice can save you a lot of time.

* We can immediately confirm a reservation request for a hotel room.

Why is our service free of charge?
The venues are very grateful for the business we bring them, which is why they offer us a percentage of their revenue (commission). This does not influence the price, because we get the same price as you do. If fact, you benefit from the agreements we have made with venues and the volume of the bookings we make. You could actually get a better price from us then if you were to book yourself.