We are a team of dedicated professionals who will jump for joy when the phone rings. We are more than happy to play to our strengths to make sure you get the best deal.

Marianne Kuiper     marianne@hotelpartner.nl

Joop Braakhekke taught Marianne the tricks of the trade and she knows like none other how to make a business successful by providing the best service. After having established a career at the Bilderberg Groep she went on to start her own business, Efficient Hotel Partner. She has poured her heart and soul into this company for the past 18 years and as the owner she is responsible for the overall success. Marianne also has a great talent for writing. As a child, she won many story-writing contests and her “Sinterklaas” poems are a guaranteed to make anyone giggle. Her blogs always get great feedback which is why she dreams of having her own column in an industry magazine someday. Another dream is to partake in the television program Survivor, but only if there is a box of delicious food.

Favourite quote     : turn pain into power!
Favourite client:    : word of mouth through a satisfied client.
Lies awake from : Lying awake.
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Jennifer Lam     jennifer@hotelpartner.nl

Jennifer is very versatile. She’s an expert in social media, a hero with technology and a strong networker. Jennifer goes out and about visiting (new) venues frequently to make sure we can offer the most surprising locations. She’s studied Hospitality Management in The Hague and Event Management in Sydney. After her studies in Australia she stayed there to gain experience in operations and sales. Six years onwards she moved back to The Netherlands and was looking for a new challenge and found it at EHP. The travel bug still creeps up from time to time and she dreams about travelling to the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

Favourite quote      : Monkey see, monkey do!
Favourite client      : Someone who knows what he wants but still allows for input and creativity.
Lies awake from  : A whirlwind of thoughts
LinkedIn                : Jennifer Lam

Yvonne van Iterson     yvonne@hotelpartner.nl

Yvonne is an enthusiastic networker, who enjoys all the good things in life. At AkzoNobel she found out that Event Management and creativity are her best strengths. During the 5 years that she worked there, she was responsible for A-Z Event Management. After a couple of years as an operational coordinator at RAI Amsterdam, she started last September at EHP to focus more on all-round meeting & event planning. After work, her greatest passions are sport, fashion and music. She also likes to spend her free time discovering new locations with her friends.

Favourite quote      : “Life is a story, make yours the best seller”
Favourite client      : The happy customer. The one where you can be yourself and who is open to our expertise.
Lies awake from : Creative ideas that pop up when you lie in your bed and you have to note them otherwise they are gone.
LinkedIn               : Yvonne van Iterson

Petra Andre     sales@hotelpartner.nl

A seasoned veteran in hospitality, that’s Petra. Smart and experienced. A real people person. She knows what makes people tick. That’s not a trick, but a gift. Her sincerity and perfect listening skills are the key to her success. She’s got a ginormous network of interesting people which means she’s got her sales hat on 24/7. You know the type, the one that takes her business cards with her on holiday. Her love of people also extends to animals. Petra would love a dog or just more animals around the house one day.

Favourite quote      : All good things come to those who make them happen!
Favourite client      : The new client.
Lies awake from  : When her teenage daughter comes home past her curfew.
LinkedIn                : Petra Andre

Kemal Trbovic     eventplanner@hotelpartner.nl

Sportive, enthusiastic and passionate are the terms that describe Kemal. This year, he is graduating from the program of Higher Tourism and Recreational Education at the Inholland University in Rotterdam. In recent years, besides the regular school program, he has gained a lot of experience in various sectors within the tourist and leisure sector. In September, he started a new adventure at EHP and looks forward to widening its horizons.

Favorite quote     : Hard Work Pays Off
Favorite client     : The business customer with an informal edge
Lies awake from : Netflix and muscle ache
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Mirna van Driel     accounting@hotelpartner.nl

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